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patrick miller writes about videogames: How to write about fighting games


Evolution 2013 was this past weekend, and it was a blast. I wrote a whole bunch of words on it for Shoryuken and Ars Technica, but I thought I’d save something for the blog.

Evo was a blast this year. It always is fantastic, but it was really neat to meet a lot of folks who had been…

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The Frontline Network World Championship

Day 1 games being streamed at

Go check it out!

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SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONSと椎名林檎/ 「殺し屋危機一髪」

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Great Performance of Compulsive Liar from Domestic! Virgin LINE 2006

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So Similar Yet So Different.

So it’s intrigued me how in the RTS genre if you want competition the only games are Blizzard games yet in the fighting game genre you have way more games from different developers.

Is it an issue with RTS devs or an issue with the people who play RTS games? It’s something I’ve pondered for a while and I am beginning to believe it’s the latter.

So I spent a lot of time researching what those guys did to give their scene an internet presence. By and large their online play is not fit for competition, they still need offline events for competition and they have a lot of them. They have monthly tournaments and weekly tournaments to supplement their major events. Two of the biggest weeklies are NLBC and WNF which can get nearly 10k current viewers.

Compared to RTS where the online play is fit for competition but the barometer is the auto match ladder and there are only tournaments every quarter. So I am thinking about hosting weeklies for CoH at least and maybe other games.

For a long time I’ve wanted to do an EVO like event for RTS games but it’s been exceptionally hard to get the different communities to work together, people also don’t like that a scene filled with “button mashing” games managed to make a success of what they had with little to no developer support.

So what are your thoughts? More tournaments to get people competing more than they currently are or am I wasting my time and is this something the devs should be addressing for their games? Leave your comments down below!

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Comment away!

I’ve added disqus support so people can now comment on posts!

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Company of Heroes 2 Closed BETA 1v1 Tournament


Firstly I’d like to say thank you to everyone who participated and promoted this tournament. The event wouldn’t be anything without you.

Secondly I’d like to congratulate BartonPL for winning the tournament and also to OMGPOP! for coming second. I hope you enjoyed playing in a tournament setting and that I will see you all return for future events. As the purpose for these events is to strengthen and build the community in the spirit of competition which makes everyone important not just the people who finish in the top 8.

I’ve uploaded all the replays for the tournament in one pack for everyone to watch and you can download the pack here and the full bracket can be viewed here.

The vetted casters have also taken a look at the replays and will be doing casts of the games, so keep tabs on the youtube channels of The Frontline Network, The Propagandacast and RnP Gaming

If you like what you see please drop them a comment and subscribe to their channels.

I will be arranging more events for fans of the Company of Heroes franchise, so stay tuned to this space!


Liam Kai Fung Ip

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Company of Heroes 2 Beta 1v1 Tournament

Complete replay pack now available for download!

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Company of Heroes 2 BETA 1v1 Tournament

Ahenian vs OMGPOP Losers Finals Replays are ready to view!